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For many years Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Bassiouni spent his Ramadan doing the work of deen but this came to a halt in December last year when he was arrested and sent to prison. His family is going through difficult patch and the agony deepens when they see other Muslim families

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“We are all Bassiouni” were the chants reverberating through Sandton in Johannesburg on Friday afternoon, as community members and civil society activists called for the release of Egyptian South African alim Shaykh Abdus Salaam Bassiouni. Sandton in Johannesburg came alive with the #FreeBassiouni protest held outside the African Union Summit,

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Sheikh Abdus Salaam Bassiouni is a South African citizen being held in the dungeon known as Torah Prison in Cairo since December 2nd 2014. He is an innocent man and has to date not been charged with any offence. Sheikh Bassiouni has contributed enormously to the upliftment of the underprivileged

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Under the pretext of him holding membership of the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement, Egyptian coup authorities have detained a prominent South African based Da’ee and Islamic scholar.

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