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Aenean semper, tellus ac viverra pretium, est mi auctor massa.

ASIAEast TurkestanMediaVideo

Deputy editor of 5Pillars, Dilly Hussain, delivered a lecture at the University College London for Islamic History Week on the Uyghur Muslims of East Turkestan.

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ASIAChinaEast TurkestanMediaVideo

Chinese authorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang have ordered Uyghur Muslim families to hand in religious items including prayer mats and copies of the Quran to the authorities.

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A poem written by Sheikh Muhammad al-Dedew al-Shanqiti to his wife during his imprisonment in Mauritania.

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EgyptMediaMIDDLE EASTVideo

Egyptian police violently remove the Niqab of a woman whilst she was restrained on the ground with officers holding her down with their feet.

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The Fitnah of Our Time: Extremism – Sheikh Jamil El-Biza Sheikh Jamil El-Biza giving a lesson about the dangers of extremism at ASWJ Revesby’s Monthly Family Event in Australia.

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A Muslim woman was running to catch a train in Chicago when five police officers tackled her, ripped off her hijab and strip searched her.

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Gaza / PalestineMediaMIDDLE EASTVideo

Eight months after the firebombing that killed five-year-old Ahmad Dawabshe’s baby brother and parents in the occupied West Bank village of Duma, he is still undergoing treatment in the Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan.

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On the 24th of March there were carried searches in houses of 9 Muslim women in the sity of Almetyevsk, Tatarstan, Russia.

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Babar Ahmad speaks to BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire about his life and his ordeal in his first TV interview.

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