In the 11th century, almost a thousand years ago, hordes of Christians warriors bearing a red cross stormed into Syria. They journeyed from all parts of Europe, pillaging and slaughtering innocent Muslims along their way. They captured Jerusalem in 1099 leaving no mosque to pray in, nor any Muslim alive. After a hundred years, with the help of Allah, the Muslims struck back…

These were The Crusades.

Islamic legacy will take you back a thousand years to where it all began. We relive an epic confrontation for the Holy city of Jerusalem in the scorching deserts of the Middle East between the people of the cross and the Muslims.

‘The Crusades through Muslim eyes’, will be a two night presentation that will draw upon the most notable Muslim historians of the era including Ibn Athir, Usaman ibn Mundiqh, Ibn Qalanisi, Baha-ud-deen, and many others. Events will be analysed mainly from the Muslims point of view, avoiding the blatant revisionism the western historians have introduced.

Topics include:

  • Background to the Crusades
  • How Jerusalem was lost by the Muslims after centuries of rule
  • How great heroes and leaders were raised who fought back for the honour of Islam
  • How key battles were fought including ‘Hattin’, Salahudeen’s finest and most glorious victory with 3D animation
  • Strategies and weaponry of the Muslims and Christians. What made the Muslim and Christian knights different.
  • The impact of the Crusades on the Christians and the Muslims
  • Lessons we can learn and apply today
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