Over 9,000 people have signed a petition calling for a woman who verbally abused and threatened a pregnant Muslim woman on a London bus yesterday to be brought to justice.

The pregnant woman, as well as several other Muslim women on the bus, were called “ISIS b******” in a video released on the internet. The pregnant woman was also called a “dirty whore” and told to go back to where she came from.

The petition also questions the Islamophobe’s fitness to be a mother and look after a child. It also calls into question the actions of the bus driver who failed to calm the situation (as seen in the video) and demands that Transport for London (TFL) put in procedures to deal with such incidents.


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We came across a video on Facebook and was heavily distraught by the aggressive verbal attack on a London bus with no one putting a stop to it. The outrageous things that were coming out of this woman’s mouth really shocked us.

There are two things that NEED to be resoved. First and foremost this woman needs to be found and dealt with appropriately for her disgusting behaviour. Secondly, these kinds of incidents should have severe consequences.

These horrible attacks regularly occur on buses/trains/trams/bustops and something NEEDS to be put in place to bring an end. There are many videos that have been shared previously however this most recent incident highlights the brutality of such attacks. The following are some of the main highlights.

1) The vile aggressor was not only being racist by calling fellow passengers “sand rats” and telling them to “go back to your f*****g country” but being extremely islamophobic by calling the ladies “ISIS b****s”, asking whether they shared husbands, referring to Islamic terms such as “haram” and calling it all “dirty”.

2) The lady attacking was making endless threats including one repulsive threat of kicking the lady who was pregnant in her stomach.

3) The attacker had a young child with her which should bring into question her competency as a mother and whether or not she should even be allowed to look after a child that young with her vicious points of view!!!

3) The bus driver did try to calm the situation down. However, he was talking to the bus collectively when the lady was the main problem maker. Furthermore this video was 5 minutes. That is a very long time to either call the police, calm the situation down in a much more assertive way or quite simply, chuck that lady out of the bus. This is an issue that needs to be resolved by TFL.

4) Children were present whilst this whole attack was taking place, including children who’s parents were being attacked. Under no circumstances should any child have to go through hearing such vulgar language.

5) Everyone pays the same amount of money to get on the bus and should not have to go through that during a journey to their destination.

This is such a big issue that occurs in public. We need as many signatures as possible for there to be a solution. The police need to find this woman as she and others like her need to be held to account!!!!!

TFL should have procedures put into place to deal with such incidents. As they serve the public they need to have an ethos amongst staff to protect victims of hate crime.

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  1. Marwa Elesaily
    October 17, 2015 at 10:11 am — Reply

    Surprised no one had the guts to stand for the muslim women and defend their rights while this lady attacked her that way.

  2. razaida
    October 17, 2015 at 10:46 am — Reply

    Salaam alaikum. I am outraged by the incident of the black lady abusing the Muslim lady. Not because she was Muslim but because she was a human being. I would like to think my opinion on this matter would not change if the tables were turned. I.e. abuser Muslim and victim non-Muslims. However, I feel that the part the driver has played in all this is ignored. He could have resolved this matter in minutes. By stopping the bus and asking her to leave. But no, he turned a blind eye to the whole thing. Apart from coming out and saying ‘relax now’ in a smiley manner. I can’t help but think this is because the abuser and the driver was of the same colour. I strongly feel a petition should be started against him.for TFL to take action against him. He was not an innocent party and could have done more.

  3. Ahmed
    October 17, 2015 at 1:27 pm — Reply

    Absolutely disgusting, nobody of any race or gender should go through this.

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