Islamophobic attacks since Paris Attacks


Muslim women in ‎Hijab‬ verbally abused, pushed on Toronto‬ subway

Man in Joker Mask Vows to Kill ‘One Arab a Week’ Across Quebec

Islamophobes tore apart, dumped faeces on Quran at a mosque in Texas

Mosque vandalised in Omaha

Police shoot man who was threatening to kill Muslims in Oklahama

Muslim mother in Canada attacked and her Hijab ripped off outside of her children’s school

Mosque in Ontario set ablaze in suspected hate crime

Islamophobe sent voicemail to a mosque in Florida threatening to firebomb the mosque and shoot at 2 year old Muslim children.


Muslim family’s home ‘targeted’ by petrol bombers in Northern Ireland

Muslim cultural centre torched by thugs in Scotland

Muslim couple in Scotland violently attacked by mob of 15 citing revenge for Paris attacks in Scotland

Islamophobes in Germany break and loot shelter apartment of a Syrian refuge and draw a Nazi logo on the floor

EDL’s Karen Hastie posts dog excrement through Muslim neighbour’s letterbox

– Muslim mother with her baby pushed into middle of the road onto oncoming traffic in Leyton, UK

– Man grabs a Muslim woman by the neck in Croydon, UK

Muslim woman in Hijab verbally abused on a London train. She was told to “f*** off back to Syria because girls do not wear hijabs in England”

– A Muslim woman was attacked with a glass bottle outside Fulham Broadway station in London.

– Tuesday 17th Nov 2015 in East London, UK, around 16:50, 13 year old Muslim attempted to board the bus, the young caucasian driver shouted out “your a bloody Muslim get out the bus”

– Muslim girl in hijab had hot coffee splashed on her face by two white males in Barking yesterday. They then called her derogatory names and laughed as they walked off. Date: 17/11/2015

A Muslim woman sat at the bus stop with her baby in the buggy when someone from a passing vehicle threw something at the bus stop and smashed the glass right next to her!

Muslim man physically attacked on his way to work. Date: 20/11/2015

– A Muslim girl was attacked outside McDonald’s in Leytonstone, East London. Not a single person went to her aid.

– A Muslim woman in niqaab who works for the Home Office was verbally abused inside a Home Office building, allegedly by Home Office employees. She was called a “Muslim b**ch go f*** off back to ISIS land, dressed like a ninja with a bomb hidden under your f***ing burka”. Date: 20/11/2015

– An incident occurred this morning involving a Muslim woman outside Holborn Underground Station. A white man went up to her and said “Viva la France. Why don’t you go back home you ISIS b**ch”. Date: 20/11/2015

– A Muslim family in France received a note on their doorstep: “Exterminate all Arabs”

– A Mosque and Muslim shop in Oloron, France vandalised

Muslim woman in Hijab slashed with box cutter in southern France

– Al-Rahmah Mosque in Ermont, France vandalised and defaced with Islamophobic graffiti and Nazi swastikas.


Prominent Islamophobe in Melbourne arrested after police seize weapons days before a major rally

– Australian Islamic college of Sydney defaced: “Islam is Evil”

Frenchman who attacked two ‎Muslims‬ at Gold Coast hotel

– 19-year-old Muslim woman attacked while praying in a public car park in Melbourne. Islamophobe grabs her head and pushes it into the ground while in sujood.

– In Melbourne, a grandmother with her granddaughter were narrowly missed being hit by a car after a bigot attempted to run them over.

– ‘Burn in hell’: A message taped to the door of Gallipoli Mosque in Auburn in Sydney.

Muslim man physically attacked on his way to work.

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