Babar Ahmad speaks to BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire about his life and his ordeal in his first TV interview.

In his interview Babar speaks about:

– Fighting jihad in Bosnia “I am proud of everything I did to help the Bosnian and Chechen people.”

– How he set up websites to honour his friends who were killed in Bosnia: “I considered them heroes. I still consider them heroes. I wanted the world to know about these great men.”

– How police officers abused him during his arrest

– How he considers the thousands of people who supported him and sent him letters of support, as “heroes, because they chose to support me even though they didn’t have to”

– Being hooded during his extradition to the US

– How he endured two years in solitary confinement at a US Supermax prison

– Why he pleaded guilty to supporting the Taliban in the US

– How the judge who saw all the evidence against him ruled that he was a “good person” who was not a terrorist

– His views on jihad, which he describes as a “noble act to protect innocent people from terror”

– What he thinks about ordinary Americans after his experience

– Why he has come out of his experience free of bitterness or hatred

– His advice to young Muslims grappling with difficult decisions

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