Ethiopian troops serving with the UN-mandated AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have committed a ‘mass murder’ in Awdinle area, 30Km west of Baidoa city on Sunday.

At least 13 unarmed civilians, mostly Muslim clerics were shot dead and many more others were wounded after the Ethiopian troops attacked a house in Awdinle area, residents said.

“Ethiopian troops have opened fire indiscriminately on Quran teachers gathered at a house in Awdinle settlement near Baidoa city, regional capital of Baay region,” said a relative.

Sa’dio Ali Hassan, a woman who lost her father in the mass shooting said the clerics were reading Quran on a sickness man in the house at the time of the civilian massacre.

“The Ethiopian troops have attacked Awdinle village as there were no a fight or Al Shabaab presence in the area, my father was among those innocent civilians massacred,” she cried.


Names of Somali civilians massacred by Ethiopian troops in Wardile village mostly elders and Quran teachers:-

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