The Council on American-Islamic Relations – Florida (CAIR-Florida) today announced that Yousef Mohammad Muslet was found not guilty of burglary with a battery and battery on a person 65 years old.

Unbelievably Muslet, a South Florida Muslim, was facing up to life in prison for talking about Allah, and shaking a man’s hand. The man who filed charges against Muslet waited nine days to call the police and only then because he was scared Muslet was a radical Muslim merely because he was talking about Allah.


This past Wednesday September 7th, at around 3:30pm, and after five hours of hearing witnesses’ testimonies and recorded evidence, the Palm Beach County judge confirmed that a conversation about God and a handshake should not be considered a crime and acquitted Muslet.

The incident leading up to the trial started last December when Muslet was outside of his home with his children and two men leaving his neighbor’s party stopped their truck to honk at kids in the street. Muslet approached the truck, introduced himself, shook the driver’s hand and briefly spoke with the driver about Islam and his desire to visit the local Baptist church. Nine days later, Muslet was arrested at his home after being identified by Hal Howard, the truck’s driver. At trial, the judge found the testimony and recorded evidence to be inconsistent, along with a lack of any adequate investigation leading up to Muslet’s arrest.The driver Howard alleged that Muslet, dressed in traditional Islamic garb, shook him violently through his truck window as he tried to leave the party. Repeatedly, Howard mentioned that his reasons for reporting had everything to do with Muslet being a Muslim. Muslet maintained that he only shook the driver’s hand and the testimony from Howard and the witness corroborated his account.

“I would like to thank @cairflorida especially Thania Clevenger, Omar Saleh and Flynn Bertisch. They represented me in my case. I found Not Guilty on all charges. I was facing up to life in prison if convicted. It’s been 9 months and 9 days since my arrest on the 29th of December. I want to also thank everyone who kept me in their prayers.” – Yousef Mohammad Muslet

Source: CAIR

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