A statement by the East Turkestan Muslim Scholars Association condemning the killing of Sheikh Abdulhamid Abdullah in Chinse prison.

In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the Compassionate

All praises and thanks are due to Allah alone and May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad, the messenger of Allah, and his Family and Companions and all who follow them in righteousness until the Day of Judgement.


 ‘We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return’. With acceptance of Allah’s will, and surrender to His command and patience for His promise, we are obliged to send our condolences to the entire Muslim nation and particularly Muslims in East Turkestan, regarding the death of a respectful Muslim scholar, Sheikh Abdulhamid.

Very recently, we are informed of the fact that one of our famous Muslim scholar and reformist, Sheikh Abdulhamid, who passed away in Chinese prison. We pray for that he will be regarded as martyred (insha Allah) and ask Allah almighty to grant him with Jannah tul-Firdaus, Ameen.

Sheikh Abdulhamid Abdullah rahimahullah is a prominent Uyghur Muslim scholar, who lived in Bulaq Beshi village of Konasheher County of Kashghar prefecture and moved to Kashghar city later on.

He has been inspired and educated by  
two of the famous Uyghur scholars, Zeynul Abidin Mawlawi and Sheikh Abdurashid Qari, in the dark years of the so called Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Since 1984, when the China’s policy in East Turkestan became mild, Sheikh Abdulhamid Rahimahullah took its advantage and attempted to find out the problems among the Uyghur Muslims there with the intention of social reform.

During the year between 1984 until 1997, He has built a mosque in Toqquztash and served as Imam. He has also educated hundreds and thousands of Uyghur students with progressive ideas and influenced the Uyghur society with beneficial Islamic knowledge, at certain level.

In 1989, he founded a private school which was called ‘School of Language and Technology’ and by which he has created the opportunity to train many young professionals in the field of foreign languages and medical science, includes nursing. In addition, he has built a hospital in the name of ‘Language and Technology School Hospital’, which was equipped with the latest equipments to treat the disease of most vulnerable people in Kashghar.

On 12 November 1996, Chinese forces raided his school with weapon and closed it forcefully.  Later on, that school was changed into a Communist Party School.

Sheikh Abdulhamid Rahimahullah, was a chief inspector of the school he has built, since its foundation until it’s forcefully shut down by the Chinese government. Following the closure of his school, Sheikh was not only deprived from his other religious duties, such as being a Muslim scholar who conducts Nikah (Islamic marriage), giving names for new born babies as well as serving as a local Imam, but he has also been under 20 years of house arrest in his own home, where two policemen has been arranged to watch his activities on the daily basis in Kashghar, East Turkestan.

A few months ago, since the strict implementation of many new and harsh policies towards Uyghurs under the name of ‘war against terrorism’, our respectful Islamic scholar, Sheikh Abdulhamid Rahimahullah, was officially arrested from his home and murdered in the prison at his age of 80 by the Chinese guards, last week.

Hereby, we, The East Turkestan Muslim Scholars Association, strongly condemn the Chinese government’s brutal action of imprisoning and killing him in prison in spite of his old age. We call the Chinese government to stop its oppressive policies towards Uyghur Muslims in East Turkestan.

We also urge all Muslim communities around the world to show their disapproval of China’s repressive policies towards Uyghur Muslims and help their brothers and sisters in East Turkestan.

East Turkestan Muslim Scholars Association

22 nd of June, 2017 /  (27th of Ramadan, 1438 Hijri )

Istanbul Turkey

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