A poem written by Sheikh Muhammad al-Dedew al-Shanqiti to his wife during his imprisonment in Mauritania.

قريبٌ على بُعدٍ أنا منكِ في الأسرى * بدوية قفر بها جيف الحسرى

1. I remain close to you, in spite of my distant imprisonment,

In an isolated wasteland, in which the bodies of the sorrowful are kept.

يذكرني حالي وحالك قولةً * بفارس حمدان الذي كابد الأسرى

2. My situation and yours reminds me of a saying,

Of the Hamdanid Knight[1] who had endured captivity:

أيَضْحَكُ مأسُورٌ، وَتَبكي طَلِيقَة ٌ * فصبرا فإن العسر يستصحب اليسرى

3. “[How is it that a] prisoner is laughing, while the free one is weeping”[2],

So remain patient, for surely hardship is always accompanied with ease.

وفيما مضى قد كنت تخشين ضرة * فكانت بدار الشرطة الضرة العسرى

4. In the past you oft feared that I would find a second wife (arabic: durrah),

Yet here I found in the Police Station the absolute hardship (arabic: darrah)!

نقيم بدار للهوان معدة * فنلبس أوساخا ونفترش الغبرا

5. We reside in an adobe, prepared for our humiliation,

Where we are dressed in filth, and made to lie on dust.

ضفادعها في العد مثل بعوضها * وداحسها في عدوه يسبق الغبرا

6. The frogs [in it] are as plenty as its mosquitos, and

Dahis[3], in its sprinting, outruns the Ghabra.

ولكننا فيها أنسنا بربنـــا * فنلنا سرورا لن تحيطوا به خبرا

7. However, we have found in it, solace with our Lord,

And gained a joy which you could never imagine!

سعادتنا بالضيم في ذات ربنا * تفوق بأضعافٍ سعادتنا الأخرى

8. Our joy for that oppression [we suffered] for the sake of our Lord,

Exceeds by many folds any other joy we had experienced!

وأسورة فيها يصفد بعضنا * تفوق التي قد كان يلبسها كسرى

9. And the shackles in which some of us are tied,

Are more beautiful in our eyes, than the bracelets of Kisra (Khosrow)[4]!

وإن لنا في الشعب والجب أسوة * زنازننا إذ ذاك نحسبها قصرا

10. We find in the Valley[5] and the Well[6], an example to be followed,

which makes our cells appear to us as [spacious] Palaces.

يثور كتاب الله من كل غرفة * إذا الليل أرخي من غدائره سترا

11. The book of Allah erupts from every room,

At a time when the night lays down its curtains of darkness.

وتسمع آناء النهار تلاوة * فتسمع ترتيلا وتسمعها حدرا

12. You also hear throughout the daytime the Quran being recited,

and you hear it recited slowly, as well as recited at a pace.

وتسمع في الأنحاء من كل سورةٍ * وتسمعه سبعا وتسمعه عشرا

13. You hear at ever spot the Chapters of the Quran [recited],

And you hear it recited by the seven [recitations], and you hear it recited by the ten.

نفوق آي الذكر في وجه من بغى * فيبصرها الباغي الردينية السمرا

14. We raise the Quranic verses in the face of the oppressors,

Which appear to their eyes as arrows of war!

ونصلتها بيضاً قواطع نورها * يرد علي الباغي بواتره بترا

15. We draw it out as white swords, whose light are sharp cutting edges

Which leaves the transgressors’ swords shattered in pieces.

فكم حجة لله فيها مبينة * وكم شبهة للناس تدحرها دحرا

16. For how plenty are Allah’s clear proofs which you find [in the Quran]

And how many doubts raised by people are dispensed of completely.

بموعوده الآتي نجدد عزمنا * ومن قصص الماضين نستلهم الصبرا

17. With Allah’s upcoming promises we renew our determination

And from the stories of the people of the past, we are inspired to be patient.

مخازي بني صهيون نقرؤها به * فنزداد بغضا للآلي دنسوا المسرى

18. We read in it about the scandals of the Zionists,

So we increase in hatred to those who have desecrated [our Aqsa Mosque].

وإخوانهم من نافقوا كل أمرهم * نراه عيانا واقعا بعد ما يقرا

19. And their brothers from among the hypocrites, who all their affairs

Are clearly seen by us unfolding, after having read about it [in the Quran].

فإن سارعوا فيهم نسارع لــ جنة * ومغفرة نرجوهما نحن في الأخرى

20. So if they rushed towards them[7], then we are rushing towards Paradise,

And a forgiveness [from our Lord], both of which we are hoping for in the Hereafter.

وليس لهم ذاك الرجاء وإنما * يؤخرهم ربي لبطشته الكبرى

21. For they do not have this determined hope that we hold, rather

My Lord is delaying for them a Grand punishment!

وما يبتغي الجهال منا فإننا * أشداء لا بطشاً نخاف ولا غدرا

22. And what do those people of ignorance wish from us, for we are

tough [in our determination], and do not fear punishment or deceit.

أسود من آساد المهيمن تبتغي * من الله في الأخرى المثوبة والأجرا

23. We are lions from the Lions of our Lord, the Protector and Overseer[8],

Hoping from Allah in the Hereafter, the reward and recompense.

بنهج قويم لا التطرف شأنه * ولا اللين للتهديد والضغط والإغرا

24. We are upon a straight path, which extremism is not from its traits,

Nor is softening in the face of threats, pressure, or temptations.

نسير على نهج النبي محمد * ببيعة إيمان نرى نكثها كفرا

25. We are walking upon the path set by Prophet Muhammad,

Having given a pledge of Faith, which we consider violating it a matter of disbelief.

ولله قد بعنا نفوسا أبية * بربح عظيم فيه أربي لنا السعرا

26. For Allah we have sold noble souls,

In a great trade, in which [our Lord] had increased our return many folds!

بأجسامنا نفدي وننصر ديننا * وننشره نورا ونقبضـه جمرا

27. We sacrifice our bodies to give support to our religion,

And spread it out as light, and grasp on to it as hot coal.

ونمنعه حتى نصرع دونه * وتنشر بالمنشار أجسامنا نشرا

28. And defend it to the point, where we perish in its defense

Even if that meant our bodies are cut up with a saw!

ولسنا نبالي خاذلينا فإنهم * ضعاف وإنا دونهم نرتجي النصرا

29. For we do not worry or care about those who let us down,

For certainly they are weak, and in spite of them we are hopeful for Victory!

Source: Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem

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