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Sh. Ahmad Jibril’s message to the UK Muslims, urging them to support HHUGS. Donate to HHUGS: TEXT ITFH50 £10 to 70070

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Survivors tell the same story: they were taken from their homes by men in uniform; heads down and linked together, then led in small groups to a field, made to kneel, and selected to be shot one by one.

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Saleh Ibn Mohammed al-Mhawwes entered the Saudi Arabian Intelligence Prison healthy in 2005 and left in 2011 with Hemiplegia (a type of cerebral palsy that can result from damage to different parts of the brain that control muscle movements). In this short clip, this is his request to us: “Don’t

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There are rumours that Sheikh Khalid al-Rashid is about to be released. This is false, from Sh. Khaled al-Rashid’s wife twitter account:- “Till now there is nothing new with us about Sh. Khalid Al-Rashid. Oh Allah, we ask you steadfastness and relief for him, and all the imprisoned” May Allah

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