Over 9,000 people have signed a petition calling for a woman who verbally abused and threatened a pregnant Muslim woman on a London bus yesterday to be brought to justice.

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This statement from within the Muslim community expresses the position of the undersigned with respect to the government’s  continuing counter-terrorism ‘reforms’ in schools aimed at facilitating the recognition and reporting of ‘extremist’ behavior and views. 

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A Niqab wearing woman was attacked and bullied in a supermarket in Denmark. This is the result of the Niqab Ban, innocent women feeling threatened and afraid. Since the ban there has been an increase in hate crimes toward niqab wearing women.

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ASIAEast Turkestan

A statement by the International Union of Muslim scholars regarding the persecution of Muslims in East Turkestan. Frequent news has been reported for years now regarding the oppression of Muslims in China, especially in East Turkestan. Muslims there are facing persecution in their freedom, religious beliefs as well as their

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Jamal is a 16-year-old Syrian refugee currently living in Huddersfield, he and his family came to the UK two years ago through a United Nations program assisting families affected by the ongoing war in Syria.

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Mawlawi Abdul Basir Haqqani, Head of Kabul Ulema Council, was assassinated in the city by unknown gunmen on Saturday, officials confirmed. Gul Ahmad Sediqi, Deputy Head of Kabul Ulema Council confirmed the incident and said that Mr. Haqqani was shot dead yesterday afternoon in Kabul’s PD7. According to the Interior

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